Sunday, January 30, 2011

He Reads Me?

Ever have someone drop a bombshell on you - something so utterly surprising and unexpected that it leaves you speechless? 

Well, that's what my husband did to me a few days ago. We were just sitting around the house, chatting about work, life and the kid, and I mentioned something about a post I'd written. I can't even remember which one I was talking about because what he said next shocked the hell out of me. It was something to the effect of, "I remember that one."

Huh? He does? And then, even more astounding, he says, "Well, yeah, I've read all your posts."


Let me explain why this is astonishing to me: Hubs is - to say the least - not the most avid reader I've ever met. Since I've known him, he's been very open about his dislike of the written word, not seeing the point in what he refers to as "made up stories". With the sole exception of The Adventures Huckleberry Finn, that is, which he claims is the best book ever written. A fine book, yes, but he honestly doesn't have much else to compare it to.

So, in this regard, we're pretty much complete opposites. Before my son was born, I ate, drank and slept books. I would see blocks of text in my dreams, mumble sentences from them while in a deep slumber. Ah, deep slumber - something else I haven't experienced much of these days...

Anyway, the point is I'm a bookworm and he is not. So you can imagine my surprise when he started describing some of my posts. At one point, I started back-tracking in my mind - had I written anything unfavorable, something that I wouldn't have, perhaps, if I'd known he'd been reading all along? Hmm, let me think. Well, he already knows about my mad crush on Benicio Del Toro, and other than that, there's just everyday stuff he already knows about - so no deep, dark secrets here.

Will it effect the way I write from now on? Nah - I don't think so. Unless, of course, I want to start dropping hints for Christmas or birthday presents. Or, I could start making up outrageous stories to see just how much he's paying attention. But that would be kind of cruel, I suppose.

So, maybe I'll start working on my Valentine's Day wish list and see what transpires. Not that I need lavish gifts.  Just knowing he reads and likes my blog is enough. Although, honey, if you're reading,  those chocolates from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory are always welcome. And so is pretty much anything from Lululemon. Cause, you know, I'll need good work-out gear after purging on all that chocolatey goodness!

Thanks, love, me xoxo


Deborah said...

I am so envious! What a good guy.

My husband skims on rare occasions. Mostly only when he hears someone else talk about something I had written.

Your husband gets huge points from me.

Bibliomama said...

I'm impressed, but not envious. I'm pretty sure my husband doesn't read my blog, and I don't really want him to. It's not that I say bad stuff about him, and I wouldn't die if he read it, and I don't think he would be shocked or appalled or anything. It's just my little space to spout off, and I might be a little more inhibited if I thought he was reading. So I guess if he is I really don't want to know. :)

FreeFlying said...

I was shocked by the same thing. Especially since I tend to portray myself as the sane one in the relationship. SO not true. But it's my blog, my world, my rules. Good for you for keeping it straight. And good for him for loving you enough to break tradition on the written word and keep up with you!

Mrs. Tuna said...

I think the Big Tuna is angling for editor approval, like that would happen.

Kimberly said...

My husband rarely reads my blog...ever. When he does it's always about a post embarrassing him in some way. It's as of the cosmos speak to him and tell him to read my blog ;)

Cheryl said...

OMG! I posted on this very topic today!! Great minds think alike.

Hubs doesn't read me. Except today. And he's not happy.

Stephanie said...

My hubby is the same way. Wait, are we married to the same guy?! He doesn't read, yet I can gobble up a book a day if time alloted. But he does read my blog, and that's all that matters to me.

The Empress said...

Isn't it sweet.

Sometimes, I'll walk past my husband on his laptop, and he'll have my blog up, reading comments.

He doesn't say anything, he just reads.

But I love it.

How are you, girl?

Anonymous said...

My Hubs pretty much only scans my posts to see if its about him at all.

Mmmm, I love the caramel apples from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. They are SO SO good!

Mom of the Perpetually Grounded said...

Your description of your husband and reading sounds exactly like my husband! Only his book is To Kill A Mocking Bird : )

My husband rarely checks mine out and he alternates between don't write about me and you can write about that on your blog: )

Slyde said...

i think thats great! i often joke with my wife because shes the only person i know who NEVER reads me...

ModernMom said...

LOL So great. My Hubby reads me too. I love to catch him reading my blog and having a giggle..oh and your right, it's a great way to get those "I want" lists out there!

Sandra said...

We would have so much fun shopping together: Lulu addict here!
And yes,that would be a shock to find out hubby is reading you. But what a sign of appreciating and respect.

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