Who Do I Think I Am?

Hi, I'm Pamela, a modern, working Libra mama, married (also to a Libra) with one very active but lovable little boy. I'm not hooked on astrology, but I definitely do characterize a lot of Libra traits, like being overly diplomatic, weighing everything over and over before making the tiniest of decisions (if I'm lucky), loving the creative arts and all kinds of coolness.
I listen mostly to indie or alternative rock, but I've been known to crank a little gangsta rap every now and then! I like to keep it interesting y'all.

I pretty much blog about whatever comes to mind. You'll find posts on anything from personality tests to my first celebrity crush (I'm not ashamed to admit it was Rick Springfield!) And of course, there's always a never-ending supply of mommy musings; the frustrations, joys and everyday goings-ons of my world. Everyone has their own unique stories, and these are mine, recorded in my tiny piece of cyberspace, aka, My Life as a Libra.

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