Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Blog of My Own

I am super excited to have finally created my own blog! After years of worrying about whether or not I'd have anything worthwhile writing about, I decided to just do it! I mean, why not? I've always loved writing as a form of self-expression and had pretty much given up journaling when my son was born almost *gasp* 4 years ago?!

When I returned back to work after mat leave, I took a job as a copywriter which, unfortunately, did nothing to satisfy my creative side. I mean, I love shoes as much as the next woman, (in fact, maybe even slightly more - just ask my husband) but really, how many different ways can you describe them? They're shoes - you buy a nice pair in your size aaannd you wear them on your feet. The end. On the plus side, shoes are much more interesting than say sink faucets or self-watering plant containers. Yes, come to think of it, I've reviewed & written about way more boring things than shoes!

Now here I am with my very own blog, over which I have complete creative control! This is completely awesome! The best thing is I already have tons of things to talk about, all inspired by my somewhat crazy everyday life. The challenge for me will be finding the time to post them all!

I can't wait to tell you all about my cutie patootie, ladybug-loving, washing machine obsessed, Ciaran, Daddy Tony and our very charismatic (ok, not really) tabby Acci, otherwise known as Dr. Acula.

So, feel free to drop by anytime and peek in at this wonderful cast of characters, not to mention my work (and life) in progress!


The Mayor! said...

Great job, & CONGRATS! So far I'm likin' it LOL....look forward to reading more! I too just began a few mnths ago, from the FABULOUS Toronto area, & though it hasn't been an easy journey fitting it in to my crazy life, or forging my way in to the blogging community, I have learned A LOT, & have enjoyed the process! Thnx for the Twitter follow, following you back, & will definitely keep coming back to watch you grow! YAY YOU! LOL!

Tracy! (AKA The Mayor Of Crazy Town!)
....I know, how fun is it to get your first comment??!! What an honour for me!! :-D

Pamela said...

Tracy, thanks so much for your kind comments, return Twitter follow & most of all your awesome encouragement. I love Crazy Town (maybe cuz I can totally relate;) and look forward to reading more about your blogging journey as well:)

Julie Harrison said...

Welcome to the bloggy world! But beware - it's addictive! :)

I'm a Libra too!

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