Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Birthday Love Letter

Love at First Ultrasound

The first time I saw you, you were a wavy blur on a a black and white screen. The doctor pointed out your heart, complete with its tiny valves and my own heart skipped a beat or two. We watched you kick your little feet and swing your arms and I began counting the days until we'd meet. I also remember thinking, Man, that little thing sure is hyper. My first inkling of just what I was in for!

From Butterflies to The Irish Jig

As you grew inside me, those kicks got remarkably stronger.  What started out as a ticklish butterfly feeling soon progressed to swift sharp jabs to the ribs. I imagined you kicking up your heels like some kind of fetal Michael Flatley doing the Riverdance. Christmas and Latino-style music really got you moving. Also, the sound of Jim Cramer's voice on Mad Money - BOOyah!

The Arrival

Exactly ten days after your due date, you finally introduced yourself. Very quietly. It actually kind of frightened me how little noise you made. Daddy Libra (yes, you have two Libra's parents) gave me the play-by-play as the nurses cleaned and wrapped you in a blue blanket. He's perfect, were the words I still remember him saying.

And so you were. A calm peacefulness resonated from you. I held you close and breathed in your newborn smell. Your big blue eyes locked on mine and I knew my life would never be the same. I'm your Mama, I started to explain. But you had a wisdom about you that seemed to already understand. Still, I had to say what I'd been waiting nine months to tell you. I am going to take very good care of you. I promise.  You looked at me solemnly and the oath was sealed. Now, four years later those words mean just as much to me, if not more, as they did on the day you were born.

Happy Birthday My Beautiful Boy!!


The Mayor! said...

He IS beautiful! Love it, I too have letters written to my babies over the much easier now that I have a blog though LOL!! Love the new look BTW!

Pamela said...

Thanks Tracy! Yes, its easier for sure with the blog. Thanks for your awesome support & for taking the time to comment - it means a lot:)

tracyo said...

What a cutie pie :O) Thanks so much for sharing!
Take care,

Capital Mom said...

I hope he had a great birthday! And I must say that is a pretty good just gave birth photo. :-)None of mine look that good.

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