Saturday, April 3, 2010

Getting to Know Me - Part One

Psst! Wanna know some secrets about me? Stuff I've never shared with anyone else? Well, if you are reading my posts (and hopefully someone out there is) I thought it might be a good time to reveal a little more of myself and maybe dish the dirt, as they say.

As you've probably noticed, my astrological sign is that of the Libra. Born October 1, 19-none-of-your-beeswax. Kidding! Sort of. It's way too depressing to go there. Anyway, other than reading an occasional horoscope for entertainment, I really don't take the whole zodiac thing very seriously. I find it hard to believe that your date of birth somehow predetermines the kind of person you'll be.

I will admit though, that many characteristics I've read about Libras describe me pretty darn accurately. For instance the whole Needs to find harmony in every situation. I must weigh all sides of an argument over and over before coming to any kind of conclusion or decision. It does not help that my husband is also a Libra cursed the same flaw trait. You would not believe the amount of fence-sitting that goes on around here. A typical conversation goes something like this: (Disclaimer: this conversation took place pre-baby).

She Libra:  What should we do this weekend?

He Libra:  I don't know. What do you want to do?

She Libra:  Maybe see a movie?

He Libra:  Sure, if you want. Which movie?

She Libra:  Hmm, how about (insert non chick-flick, non action-film, something-we-might- both-enjoy movie title here)?

He Libra:  Doesn't matter to me. I'll leave it up to you.

She Libra:  Early or late show?

He Libra:  When do you think would be good?

And on and on it goes until we eventually hammer out the details or get overwhelmed by too many options and give up on trying to plan anything. This also explains why haven't gotten around to buying a house yet. We've literally spent years trying to decide on which neighborhood to live in. 

The next Libra characteristic that I possess is Being neat. Yes, I am was a neat freak before having a little boy who colors and smears food on the walls and a cat that likes to barf everywhere. These days, if there are no puke or chocolate milk stains on the carpet I'm happy. That being said, I do tend to arrange and rearrange the same household items to the point of borderline obsessive-compulsiveness.

Other things Libras are supposed to like:
  • Beauty - Sure, who doesn't?
  • Subtle colors & textures - Sounds lovely
  • Haute Couture - In my dreams, definitely
  • Gifts - For me? You shouldn't have - but I'm really glad you did!
And some stuff Libras dislike:
  • Noise - Not a big fan 
  • Confusion - No love for bewilderment here
  • Sloppiness - Is there anything worse?
  • Dirt - In a word, Blecch!
  • Being rushed - One of my biggest pet peeves. Ever.
Okay, so these aren't exactly earth-shattering revelations, but now you know a bit more about me and maybe about Libras in general. What about you? Does your astrological sign match your personality? Do you think it's possible that our fates have already been decided by the stars? Or do you think it's all hogwash? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Next Time on My Life as a Libra - Stay tuned for Part Two to find out even more about me (who say's Libras are narcissistic?) and perhaps learn a few things about yourself with an interesting personality test!


The Mayor! said...

I'm reading, I'm reading! LOL! It's funny, I too actually tend to follow a lot of my astrological attributes....all the good ones of course!! HA! Pisces rock, but that "dual sign" thing really contributes to my "crazy bitch" thing....teehee!!!

Julie Harrison said...

This is my life too! Hubby and I are both Libras and we can't make a decision to save our lives!

Anonymous said...

I'm not a big follower of the horoscope, either, but I have to say that my Libra sign is very fitting. I'm diplomatic/devil's advocate to a fault. Hubs is a Virgo and his sign fits him to a tee, too. I think that maybe because I was born on the 'cusp' (wee hours of 9/23, is the only reason our relationship works so well.

Like I said, not that I'm a huge follower of zodiac stuff or anything, but it is what it is.

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