Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Funny Blog

After reading about Tracy from Crazy Town's fantastic Friday Funny idea to post something humorous as an alternative to Follow Fridays, I knew immediately what to do. I have to also give props to Jesse over at Screw Your Courage, who introduced me to what I think are two of the most hilarious videos I've seen this year.

You may have seen the Charlie Bit My Finger video:

Cute, but you may not have seen it like this:

Maybe it's from lack of sleep, but something about adding AutoTune to regular talking just makes me laugh myself silly! Next week (if Tracy doesn't ban me) I might just post another hilarious parody of Usher singing with a goat!


Please excuse any spelling, grammatical or other errors in this post as I'm typing this as my rambunctious son jumps up and down on the sofa beside me, while a toy mixer runs without cessation next to me and my husband is giving me an extra loud play-by-play of the neighbor across the street's wedding preparations  (over the noise of the mixer and blaring tv). All this on just four hours sleep last night...Okay, time for my Friday night glass (or two) of wine!


The Mayor! said...

HOLY CRAP, you are soooo right, I have seen that vid a dozen times, but never laughed like I did THIS time! Frikkin priceless!!! Can't WAIT for next week! Glad you like the idea, I LOVE that it gives us all a totally open forum for the FUN stuff we don't usually do...LIKE THIS!!! Cheers chickie, sippin' a nice chardonnay myself right now!! :-D

Tracy said...

omg that is so funny!!! I can see this happening in my house very soon :O)

Peggy Sue Brister said...

Awww that video is cute and funny. I love the second one with the music over it. That's neat. I don't know how they do that but it is amazing. I love watching baby videos. Mine and other ppl's. I love baby watching. The things they do are so cute and funny, if you blink you will miss something.

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