Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Funny - Yet another hilarious Canadian, Jeremy Hotz

I'd never heard of this guy until the first time my husband and I visited Yuk Yuk's(a Canadian-based comedy club, for my American friends:) I think I actually peed my pants laughing, pretty impressive considering I hadn't yet given birth at that point in time.

We went there obviously expecting a few laughs, but never imagined just how hard we'd be clutching our sides and howling like idiots. But that's ok, because everyone else in the audience was too! The entire line-up that night was amazing, but when a comedian by the name of Jeremy Hotz came on we laughed from the minute he set foot on stage until well after his set was done. We even reminisced about his jokes all the way home and for days afterwards. If you have six and a half minutes here's a pretty funny clip of one of his skits on being Canadian (Oh, there's some swearing, of course, like what comedian worth watching doesn't cuss?):

Happy FF everyone! I've been away from the FF link-up over at Crazy Town for a couple of weeks now, but I'm heading there now to check for some more great laughs!


Peggy Sue Brister said...

I'm not from Canada, but that's funny. He is a funny guy.

The Mayor! said...

OMG, I am SOOOOO glad you posted him, I was trying to remember his frikkin' name to post him last Friday bahahahahaha! He TOTALLY cracks me up man!! The voice!! HA!!! Thnx for linking it chickie!!

On a totally seperate note, congrats & enjoy the new house, & while at the very tippy top of the Behemoth tonight, I made a wild toss of a lovely housewarming gift in the hopes it landed in your new backyard...go check!! Teehee!!


The Mayor! said...

Oh yeah, love the new look too! Boy, you're just changin' it up everywhere LOL!!

Bibliomama said...

Yeah. Just turned forty. Totally don't run for the bus any more.

Tracy said...

I love him! He is hilarious. I was trying to remember his name too. Definitely another fab Canadian!!

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