Thursday, June 17, 2010

Time to Get Down & Dirty

 I thought I'd try a little something different today - something...naughty! That's right, Stefanie over at The Dirty Mommy Club has invited yours truly over for a little rendezvous to take part in what she likes to call Threesome Thursdays.

Now before you get all hot under the collar, let me just backtrack a bit. Stefanie has kindly offered to feature My Life as a Libra along with one other sexy mama blog, Heligirl on today's Threesome Thursday post. Go on over and check us out and if you like what you see show us some love. (Comments, cheeky monkeys, I was talking about comment love). Now get your minds out of the gutter and get on over to the DMC. I'm sure you'll love Stefanie's take on the "dirty side" of motherhood as much as I do:)


Stephanie said...

that was quite the party! i'm almost too tired to do my shopping for fab find friday tomorrow!

thanks for taking part toots!

allison said...

Is it just me? Every time I click over my computer freezes. I want to see the threesome!!! rats.

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