Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy Turkey Day!

Yes, It's Thanksgiving here in Canada, and since turkey with all the trimmings is like my favorite meal EVAH I am in my glory! So, while I'm in my own little food-stuffed heaven today, I thought I'd treat you with a somewhat inappropriate cartoon featuring that oh-so-lovable Sesame Street gang.

But first, I wanted to share a story about Ciaran's Junior Kindergarten Thanksgiving celebration. The kids made these adorable little turkey hand-print thingies to bring home, with a Thanksgiving poem printed around it that the teachers wrote. So, after I oohed & aahed over his artwork, he turned and asked me in the sweetest little voice, "Mommy, what are you thankful for?"

I told him I was thankful for him, Daddy, our house, coffee, red wine, sleeping pills and then asked him what he was thankful for. He grabbed his latest favorite toy, a tiny little brown stuffed moose he calls "Moose" appropriately enough, and pointed to its head.

"Oh," I said. "And did your teacher also ask you what you were thankful for?"


"What did you say?"

He looked at me incredulously and said "Mom, I told her I was thankful for Moose!"

I know they have a difficult job, but man, sometimes I envy those JK teachers. Some of the answers they must get from the kids. I can just imagine his teacher sitting down to dinner with her husband, laughing over the funny little kid in her class being thankful for moose!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends!!

I gotta give credit to The Mayor of Crazy Town for inspiring me on this one. Go check out her Wordless Wednesday Thanksgiving Edition post for more Thanksgiving Day humor!


Cheryl said...

Why do Canadians have thanksgiving? i mean, what exactly are you thankful for? I might have asked this at the Mayor's place, too. I mean, you didn't steal the Indians land and give them VD. The good ol' Americans did that!

Sandra said...

Thankful for moose? Maybe he meant mouse?...or no definitely meat, that's what he meant!
This is hilarious!

Mom of the Perpetually Grounded said...

Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving! I'm so envious today because that is my favorite meal too, and now I'm hungry and I have to wait sooo long!
My kids teachers used to whisper what they said to us. They do have great stories!

Kimberly said...

There are many days I wished that big bird were roasted on my dining room table...also Elmo however I may be allergic to monsters.
Happy Thanksgiving!

ModernMom said...

LOL Too cute! Happy Thanksgiving:)

Heligirl said...

Oh I laughed so hard. That was a good one (the moose part). Then I came to the cartoon. You're a sick puppy, you know that? I love that crazy Mayor. She's a bad influence you know. Who wants to be good.

I think I laughed especially hard because my daughter has a moose I appropriately got her while in the Great White North last year. His name is "moose." It's one of her very favorite stuffed animals ever. She sleeps with him. I would guess she'd say she was thankful for moose too. But she'll have to wait six weeks for our Thanksgiving.

The Mayor! said...

LMAO, my rotten little J/K gave much the same kind of answers....she was thankful for "this balloon"...a black halloween balloon she'd gotten at Party Packagers when we went looking for costumes...nice, thnx kid, we love you too! That cartoon is too funny, & thnx so much for the shout out chickie! Hope your long wknd was fabulous, can you believe the weather we had??!!


My Momma Drama said...

Adorable! I might ask my little one that when I get home tonight... Happy Canada Thanksgiving!!

The Mayor! said...

So I remembered the other thing The Baby was "thankful" for...hanging on my fridge is a cross with a Thanksgiving prayer, & a space for them to write what they are thankful 4 year old's says Halloween....yep. :-D

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