Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Funny - Prince - Genius Musician and Athlete to Boot?

Remember the Dave Chappelle show?  I used to watch it on The Comedy Network on Friday nights and pee myself laughing. Before he lost his marbles and ran off to Africa, Dave Chappelle was one hysterically funny dude. This spoof he did about Prince and Eddie Murphy's brother, Charlie has to be one of my all-time favorites. 

First, of all, let me just tell you how much I love Prince. The singer Prince, or The Artist Formally Known as Prince, whatever he goes by these days. Actually, I take it back; I just like the old-school Prince, before he went all born again Christian and stopped cussing & all. The 1980's Prince who sang Let's Go Crazy, and Raspberry Beret. The cool Prince.

My husband and I saw him in concert five or six years back when he was still married to that Canadian chick. Hubby and I were such losers fans, that we actually used to drive up and down Post Road in the Bridle Path (a super ritzy neighborhood in Toronto) where Prince and his Canuck wife supposedly lived. We'd entertain ideas about what we'd do if we actually saw Prince out collecting his mail or something. Like how we'd strike up a conversation interesting enough for The Prince of Funk to invite us in for tea. Crazy, I know. But B.C. (before Ciaran), we had that kind of time on our hands.

Anyway the Prince concert was pretty amazing. Probably one of THE best performances I've ever seen. And I've seen a LOT of concerts in my day. Maybe it's a sign of getting old, but there's something cool about seeing your childhood idols perform, especially when they still kick (pint-size, purple-blouse-wearing) ass!

I'd actually forgotten all about this skit until someone on my work Twitter account brought it up. Apparently, there was a Prince tribute on BET a few days ago and the tweeter commented that they should have shown the "Prince Basketball Playing Skit".

It's so absurd to see Prince portrayed like this, you can't help but giggle. Or snort, chuckle, or whatever it is you do when you find something as silly as this. 


Mom of the Perpetually Grounded said...

We are big Prince fans too. He is such an amazing talent. This is a riot, I love the pancakes! Thank you for sharing; )

Tracy said...

omg that's too funny! Love Price from back in the day!!! Happy Friday and I hope you had a great Canada day :O)

The Mayor! said...

OMG SHIRTS VS BLOUSES, I think I peed!! And I ADORED him, bearing in mind that Purple Rain came out when I was 14, at the PEAK of my teenaged obsessive craziness! My world revolved around Madonna, Michael, & Prince. Still have my CASSETTE of Purple Rain, & listen to the soundtrack allll the time. My kids know all the words to I Would Die For You from Mom playing it in the car so much (I love Darling Nikki but avoid it with the kids LOL!) And Eddie...well, I have a big soft spot for Eddie Murphy. And can I just say...the Bridle Path??!! Holy crap chickie, I'm surprised we never ran in to each other stalking the elite around there! Good Times!!


My Momma Drama said...

I love Dave Chapelle! Hillarious! What did ever happen to him?? I saw his interview on Oprah... but then where'd he go?

Unfortunately I didn't grow up in the Prince Era - my hubby tried to get me to watch Purple Rain a while back and I was not feeling it! All I did in the 80's (from ate 0 - 7) was listen to country music. Sad, I know - blame my parents.

The Drama Mama said...

Dave Chappelle cracks me up too! I remember his Prince impersonation, and I loved Charlie.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving me some love!!

Cheryl said...

My husband LOVES Prince. And he became Jehovah's Witness or something like that. So he's not nasty anymore. No more Erotic City. Sigh.

I got us tickets to a show probably 5-6 years ago and I was really impressed. First time I'd seen him, the zillionth time for Hubs.

ModernMom said...

Prince! That brings back some memories:)
Hapy Belated Canada Day:)

The Empress said...

Oh, thank you! I haven't laughed that loud..since...since ...Dave Chapelle lost his marbles.

Hilarious. Thank you!!

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