Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Funny - Skankin' it up for the Long Weekend!

So, once again, I've left the blog-hop post to the last minute, but also once again, I've been inspired by another lovely bloggy friend.

I've been so busy buying houses, gnawing on what's left of my once perfectly manicured (& pre-child) nails during an exhilarating bidding war ,which happily worked out in our favor, that I really have not been in the funny frame of mind. 

Until, that is, I visited Tracy over at The Daily Mom Diaries and had a giggle at her Casual Friday cartoon! Also, it reminded me of one of my favorite scenes from The Office, the one where Meredith takes Casual Friday to a whole new level.

I don't know about you, but I have worked in offices where some skank-a** tramps ladies tended to get a bit carried away with "dressing down" on Fridays. And, as ridiculous and exaggerated as The Office sometimes seems, I love it because there's often a grain of truth to every character. Or, maybe I'm just constantly drawn to the obscenely insane. Yeah, actually, now that I think of it, I totally am.

Speaking of which, I better get my butt on over to Crazy Town to link up my Friday Funny!

Happy Friday & May 2/4 Weekend Everyone:)


Anonymous said...

OMG Meridith is my favourite! I used to be hardcore Grey's Anatomy fan but now its all about The Office!
P.S. fill us in about the house silly!

The Empress said...

I loved this episode.

Meredith: every middle aged mom's nightmare. I mean, it COULD happen. One day, you just snap.

Tracy said...

I love it! Some people take casual day a little too far....I would give you a few examples but just envisioning pink thongs with white pants would be way too much brain pain on a Friday! True story of a former co worker!!

Anonymous said...

HAAhaha. Okay, I really need to start watching tv. Honestly, between The Office and all of this Glee hooplah.. I think I might be totally missing out.

Why can't Meridith be my co-worker? I love skank-ass-bitches. :(

Oh, and DO TELL.. are you now a full-fledged, card carrying suburbian?!

jesse said...

If I'm reading this right, you got the house?? Congratulations!

The Mayor! said...

Shit, that's what I was gonna wear to Shauna's Montreal club tomorrow night...should I not?? Too much??? F**k...

BTW Miss Cheeky, I TOTALLY cheated on my FB status with that fancy schmance French...I googled that shit!! I get the feeling you did not???!!! Impressive!! Thankfully my ability to READ French far outweighs my verbal skills in it...& thank you for the bonne chance!! Read tomorrows post, it's been a very long, sordid tale LOL!!!

Pamela said...

Mombshell, Shaunadnauseam & Jesse: Yes, we got the house, so assuming all goes well with the house inspection tomorrow, we'll soon be joining the ranks of all the other miserable, I mean, wonderful suburban folks north of TO!

Empress: I agree, I've seen middle-age women turn into Meredith with my own eyes - not a pretty sight.

Tracy: No, the hot pink thongs with white pants look is never appropriate.

Mayor: You're right - that outfit would have been perfect for Shauna's Montreal soiree. And, yes, I couldn't resist showing off my French skills - god dammit -I nearly went broke from attending that French immersion school - Ima flaunt it whenever I can:P

KLZ said...

I've said it before, I'll say it again: if my husband could get away with naked Fridays, he would. At work, at restaurants, at anywhere.

I worry about this as he gets older.

Cheryl said...

I don't get it. What's wrong with that outfit? Don't be so uptight! Perfect for those days where the air conditioning is broken, you know?

Congrats on your house, btw!!

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