Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Recycled Goods

As I mentioned in this recent post these are actual items Ciaran has at some point thrown into the recycling bin. Here are some of the things we've retrieved:

A brand-new box of kleenex
The important part of this invite, including info like THE DATE has yet to be found!
Yep - that's a sweet potato.
This poor little guy!
One gold pump from a pair worn exactly once. Maybe I should have left it in there...
This one was saved by my husband just moments before being hauled away.

One day, maybe next Wednesday, I'll do a post on the stuff we never got back. Although now that I've written that, it might be kind of hard to show you...

Happy WW all!


Tracy said...

Oh the things the kidlets put in the recycle and compost bins....I dare not's disturbing! My motto, if it hits the compost bin, it doesn't come back in!!!!
Happy Wednesday!

Anonymous said...

Monkeybone is exactly the same way except our recycling box is in the garage, so his medium of choice is our choices. You would be surprised the things that kid can fit into one shoe!

The Mayor! said...

Oh my!! Sneaky little bum isn't he??? Though he may be trying to tell you something with those shoes....hahahahahaha! J/K, they're cute! Better than those crocs with toes someone posted today, FUGLY as sin!! Happy WW!!

Brooke said...

LOL... They try to be so helpful. We have rescued a few things but thankfully Lil Kiwi isn't too bad about it.

The Empress said...

Ha! That is so funny.

That's exactly what our firstborn used to do. I finally had to move all the recycling and garbage cans in to the garage, b/c he'd throw everything in there. Just to see it go in.

Hilarious! Thanks for bringing back what is NOW a sweet memory. Not so much back then..

Bibliomama said...

My son was in love with 'bobbage' (garbage) when he was little. My sister called him the bobbage man -- we never had to put anything in the garbage ourselves. However, I did have to go into the place we'd bought our TV and explain that we were pretty sure our one-year-old had thrown out the remote and we needed a new one. Not surprisingly, it wasn't the first time the guy had heard that story.

Anonymous said...

Thats funny! LOL

My 3 yr old has thrown away almost all our spoons!

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