Sunday, May 16, 2010

Yeah, That's Right - I'm a Triple Threat Baby!

Despite all my recent whinny mutterings of a nervous breakdown and generally feeling sorry for myself, I've been very fortunate to have met some really cool and funny Mama bloggers since I started complaining writing about my life as a Libra.

And for some reason or another that I don't dare question, two of these fabulous ladies found yours truly worthy enough to bestow me with not one, not two, but three bloggy awards!

Feast your eyes on these beauties:

My first Honest Scrap and Sweet Blogger accolades were awarded to me by the wonderful Tracy of The Daily Mom Diaries, and I must apologize to her for taking so long to acknowledge said awards. But, being the busy Mom of three boys, I'm sure she understands. Tracy also does awesome reviews and giveaways, and one of these days, I'm totally going to enter one of her contests. Like that one for the cellulite lotion! Cause I could really use something like that. Anyway, Tracy is a faithful follower and friend and I always look forward to her cheerful replies and comments. You rock, Tracy!

My second Honest Scrap award was presented to me by The Mombshell of The Mombshelter whose often hysterical and always beautifully-written posts keep me coming back for more. Reading her stories makes me strive to be a better, not to mention wittier writer. The fact that she mentioned my blog in the same breath as "possible Pulitzer winning material in the non-existent category of blogs" rendered me giddy beyond belief! It seems I impressed the Mombshell with the Leonard Cohen lullaby singing skills I boasted mentioned in my recent guest post. (Shameless plug there, I know). But let's face it - the Mombshell is way cooler, smarter and funnier than I could ever dream of being.

Now for the hard part. The rules for accepting each award are that I must pass them along to 10 other deserving bloggers. It isn't difficult finding deserving blogs - no, there are hundreds, possibly thousands of much better blogs out there than my own.

I am also to reveal 25 things about myself. But, since I (a) have never been one to follow the rules, (b) don't have many bloggy friends that haven't already been awarded, and (c) can't think of 25 things that I haven't already revealed or am not saving for future posts. Cause, you know, I only have so much material until I start regurgitating the same idiosyncratic stories. And no one wants that.

I do, however, love the idea of spreading the blog love around, so I will follow the Mombshell's lead and award 5 wonderful ladies I've come to know and admire:

  1. The Empress of Good Day, Regular People for her posthumous wish that her children burst into tears upon the sight of  books. (I too, have a similar goal, in which the sound of Thom Yorke's voice would bring my son to a weeping, emotional mess after I've passed).
  2. My Momma Drama for her self-written survival guide outlining who would get the first bullet, should her husband ever be foolish enough to stray.
  3. Cheryl of Special Sauce in the House  for making me tear up over her beautiful, inspiring posts & also for rocking the jeggings look so fantastically.
  4. Bibliomama because she's way smart, has a vocabulary that never ceases to amaze me and her recent,  impressive guest post that made me realize it's okay that I'm not a perfect mom.
  5. The Mayor of Crazy Town for being my first follower and constant supporter and for letting me write my first guest post (and yes, I'm still kissing her butt, but if it weren't for her, I wouldn't have gotten to know most of these other talented ladies)!
I know some (maybe all) of you have received these or similar awards, but I insist on presenting you all with both awards, cause I'm too lazy to find 25 other blogs awesome like that!  Enjoy:)


Anonymous said...

Pamela, you = awesome and I love you for!

The Mayor! said...

Awwwww! Why thank you, ever so much! And you are so very deserving of all of these accolades, & so many more!! I'm feelin' the love in our tight knit circle of fantabulous women!


My Momma Drama said...

aww... thnx! Nice way to start off a week :)

I love your blog by the way - you're not afraid to be honest!

The Empress said...

Oh, my goodness... I NEVER get tired of an award.

Are you frackin' kidding me???

You Canadians...can never be serious, can you?

I'm here to pick up the goods, baby...and I'll have them up on my walls in a second.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on all the awards m'lady! You deserve 'em!

...Just for the Rick Springfield pics ALONE you should have won a couple...

Cheryl said...

Wow, I'm flattered! Thanks so much for my Scrap and your very kind words! I am BIG in Canada, I tells you!

Bibliomama said...

No no, get away from me with that positive reinforcement stuff! THANK you, seriously, there aren't enough awards in the world to satisfy my yawning neurotic need for the approval of others. Glad we met in the mental ward. I mean Crazy Town. Whatever.

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