Monday, May 3, 2010

Yipee!! I'm Jumping Aboard the Crazy Town Train!

Well, it finally happened - I've run off to Crazy Town and I couldn't be more excited! No, I don't mean the loony bin or the psych ward, at least not yet, anyway. I'm talking about that fun and wacky place that The Mayor, also known as My Fairy Blogmother resides over! Yes, The Mayor has graciously requested me to write a guest post for her Mother's Day Mayhem event, happening this month and I'm extremely humbled to be the first among some really fine bloggers also taking part!

The Mayor is in!

I am so fortunate to have made The Mayor's acquaintance right after my very first blog post, when she greeted me to the blogosphere with open arms and became my first (and very often only) follower! Her encouragement and support continues to blow me away - she truly is a rare jewel, let me tell you!

In addition to her duties as Mayor, she is also the mother of four and still finds time to create buttons for us less tech-savvy Mama bloggers, while selflessly promoting our asses - 'cause that's how she rolls! Her wit and warmth shine through the chaotic & hilarious tales of life in Crazy Town and I'm super giddy and excited to be contributing to the insanity today!


The Mayor! said...

I'm super giddy & excited that you're contributing to the insanity too! YAY! Getting great traffic, they like you, they really like you!! LOL! And you just made me realize I never put YOUR logo in the post....I'll go do that now!! Thnx for your kind words chickie, I'm just grateful to have found some "real" folks out here in the virtual world!


Cheryl said...

Excellent job! I am now a follower!

Anonymous said...

I just found you c/o momshelter and... I like!

Pamela said...

Yay New friends! Thanks so much ladies - looking forward to chatting & getting to know you more:)

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