Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - You Know I Wish That I Was Rick Springfield's Girl!

Ok, I'll be brief. I was gonna skip this WW because I'm lame like that, but Shaunadnauseam gave me a great idea. Ok, I kind of stole it from her.

Last night on Twitter 90% of the tweets were #Glee this and #GLEE that, which I usually ignore. (Sorry, I know everyone loves it, but I can't get into it). UNTIL, The Mayor tweeted something that made go "WHA?"

OMG Finn is ROCKIN' Jesse's Girl!!! #Glee

Suddenly I'm having a flashback to 1981 and my first celebrity crush. I mother-freaking loved Rick Springfield. Today I admitted to Shauna and The Mayor that I carried his photo in my locket when I was a wee girl of 9 or 10. So, before I ramble on even more here's my WW tribute to my 1980s heartthrob!

Wow, still looking pretty darn good for a 60 year-old man, don't you think?! Happy WW everyone!


The Mayor! said...

Bahahahahahahaha!!!! ASK ME how much I LOVE THIS POST!!!! And Shaunadnauseam tweeted an amazing current pic, he DOES look pretty smokin' still! Happy WW, fab idea LOL!


Marilyn (A Lot of Loves) said...

He's barely aged. I hope I look like that too when I'm 60....well not like HIM just as good as him. You know what I meant.

Anonymous said...

Pamela you are awesome! That is all.

Anonymous said...


K, that pic of him in the white tank.. I used to kiss it.. and kiss it. My mom still has the album. I wrote I <3 Rick Springfield on it. No lies. I also used to say over and over in my head while falling asleep "I'm going to dream about Rick Springfield, I'm going to dream about Rick Springfield.." over and over. My mom taught me the technique.. though I don't think she knew I was going to use it for evil...

Now, of course this was BEFORE I became all kewl and punk rock.

Tracy said...

Yummm, yummmm, I can't believe he is 60!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I can totally relate to all of these comments! Been a fan since 1981 myself. And not only is he still "smokin' hot" at should really go check out one of his live shows! He's even better now in concert than he was in the 80's. ;-)And he's still writing some incredible music, some of it even better than what he did in the 80's. :)


Pamela said...

OMG I just found RS on Twitter! You know I sent him this link!! Let's see if he responds...weeeeee!

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